Jalan Kayu Eateries

Every time people feel free to go different restaurant to eat all kinds of food. Sometimes they choose Korean or Chinese food. Most non vegetarians go soya food preparations. If you wish to get your full meals all I one place, Jalan Kayu is the best place to be. At this place you will receive all meals from supper to breakfast. In addition to that you will get all facilities like churches and shops in one place.

Parc Botania Near to Jalan Kayu Eateries

If you like all types of food from anyplace of the world, then Jalan Kayu is the best place that you must go. At this place, you are assured to get all coffee shops that sell prawn noodles. If you love peace and noise free places his is the best that is waiting for you. There are different prawns that are sold at this location, and all come in different sizes. The best examples are jumbo praws and combo. In addition to that, you can get a plateful of Ngoh Hiang sold to you at the cheapest price ever.

Jalan Kayu Eateries Open 24 Hours Daily

Jalan Kayu has both Muslim and Indian culture. That is why it is always open for 24 hour. This restaurant is one of the best and clean. The funny thing with it is that, it only has one menu from which you can order your food from. In this menu, all Indian ingredients are arranged in a way that will impress you. The development Parc Botania is near to the Jalan Kayu Eateries and offer residents a wide variety of food selection 24 hours daily. It is located at Fernvale Road near to Sengkang West Way.

Most of food sold at Jalan Kayu is cheap but of high quality. If you want more details about the food prices, most foods cost less than $10. Their food is served in the best envelope if you happen to have a takeaway food. As mentioned early, soya beans also is one of the meals you will get at Jalan Kayu .If you want to mix it with any other thing, a bowl of huey with crispy is the best. In case you are one of those people who like deserts, Jalan Kayu will give you the best than you expect. In addition, you can get homemade muffins and curry puffs.

Fernvale Road Sengkang Road Anchorvale Lane Fernvale Road

What we are saying is that, Jalan Kayu is the best place that you should go. You and your family members will not miss anything to eat and drink. And if you wish to do any extra shopping, you will get shops there open at all times to serve you. Do not waste time, welcome to Jalan Kayu where we serve what you request.

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