Parc Botania Condo Fernvale Road Sing Development and Wee Hur Development

Parc Botania Condo by Wee Hur Development and Sing Development. Right next to Thanggam LRT Station beside Seletar Mall and Jalan Kayu Eateries

Thanggam LRT Station Beside Parc Botania near Jalan Kayu

The Parc Botania is a joint venture between Sing development and Wee Hur development. It is located at a highly sort out land that attracted a lot of bids. It was finally secured by a bid of $ 287.1 million, after a highly contested bid by both individuals and companies. There was a total of 16 bids at the end. This clearly shows how strategically it is located and how invaluable it will be to you. Parc Botania is located right next to Thanggam LRT Station which is just a short walk away.

Thanggam LRT Station Near to Parc Botania Beside Jalan Kayu

Thanggam LRT Station Number is (SW4) and it is a LRT station serves residents living in Sengkang West as well as Fernvale. Thanggam LRT Station leads directly to Sengkang MRT Station on the Sengkang West Loop in Fernvale. Thanggam LRT Station is also located near to Jalan Kayu as well as other

It is located right at Jalan Kayu next to Nan Chiau High School which is one of the leading teaching institutions in Singapore. It is currently under the Special Assistance Plan (SAP), with the goal of producing bilingual and bi-cultural students, in both the Chinese language and culture. Other schools in the area include the Pei Hwa Secondary school, Nan Chiau Primary School and SengKang Green Primary School. It is right next to the Thanggam LRT Station, making public transportation an easy find.

Thangamm LRT Station to Sengkang MRT Station

Sengkang West Way and Jalan Kayu lead directly to Parc Botania, buses will therefore not be an issue. Driving residents are just a twenty minute drive from the vibrant shopping district at Orchard Road. For outdoor lovers it is next to SengKang Riverside Park, making family time a good and fun experience. Seletar Mall, the first in North-Eastern Singapore to house a cinema, is just walking distance from Parc Botania. Several shopping outlets including Fairprice Finest and Xing Wang Hong Kong Cafe are located within the mall. The SengKang General and Community Hospital is right nearby, making sure you get quality health care at its best. Finally the iconic indoor and outdoor water theme park of SengKang Sports and Recreation Center, is just right next to Parc Botania.

Thanggam LRT Station Parc Botania by Wee Hur and Sing Development

Parc Botania will have full Condo facilities including: tennis court, a 50 meter swimming pool, indoor gym, Children playground and BBQ area. It will also have a function room for all your informal meetings and children parties. This will give you and your family a modern luxurious lifestyle that you totally deserve. You will be able to enjoy family and personal time with good and reliable security, giving you a peace of mind. Parc Botania consists of 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom units, with approximately 605 units to suit your particular requirements. It is therefore suitable for both small and large families. You will be able to choose from either the Fernvale Street or SengKang West Way view. If you need a clear unblocked view, then units 6th floor and above will best suit you. For further inquiries on Parc Botania feel free to ask. Parc Botania is truly heaven on earth for both you and your family. You should not look any further for luxurious lifestyle that best suits you.